FeaturesThe features of HotelERP

Easy Booking Engine

Booking module is designed in such a way that anyone can book the rooms within matter of seconds without any special training.

Occupancy Charts

Our Solution lets you print day to day occupancy charts, This helps you tracking the occupied rooms with all the necessary details.

Police Reports

Submission of police reports is compulsory and we have taken care of it hence you can print the daily Police Reports in the same format as prescribed (Format 04).

Quick Billing

Generating the bills was never too easy because of many calculations involved in it like ST , LT etc. We have made the billing so simple and automated.

Room Status Tracker

You can track the current status of your rooms in real time simply with our status tracker tool. It shows Occupied rooms as RED and Vacant as GREEN.

Cloud Based

This software runs over the cloud hence does not require any special hardware or any kind of installation on your computer.

All Hardware Support

Software can be operated with ease with all the hardwares of any configurations such as MAC , MOBILE , LAPTOPS Or TABLES.

System & OS Independent

Our Software is not system & Operating System dependent so it is possible for the owner to see everything on his mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Both Online & Offline

Although Cloud Solution is best but still some of the owners find it feasible to be offline. So we welcome them also with our offline solution.

KOT Management

Software can manage all Kitchen Orders and finally add them to guest's billing including all the taxes.It makes the billing easy and saves from separate restaurant billing.

Invoice Management

Invoicing for suppliers and clients is one of the major tasks for hoteliers but our software has made it automated and hassle free. Generating invoices was never this easy.

Inventory / Stock Management

Inventory is something which demands the sharp eye on daily basis but due to hectic schedules it's too hard to track everything manually & on paper. So we brought the easy way out.

Digital Locker

Now upload all the important documents into the encrypted personal digital locker which is dual password protected. You don't need to keep hard copies of guest's documents anymore.

Data Backup & Security

Our cloud servers are highly secured and located in US datacenters. We regularly create backups of your data thus there is no chance of losing your important database.

Advanced & Customized Reports

Our software generates various types of important reports such as Tax reports, Sales Reports , Customized Reports and other important statements you need during financial year ending etc.

Online Booking Via Website

Software can easily be well integrated with your Website booking engine if any. And all the booking came from website will automatically be updated in software.

24*7 Support

Customer support is above everything according to us and thus we strictly follow the instant support rule. You can reach to us round the clock for any concern.

Garden / Hall Booking

If your hotel offer Garden , Hall or any other space for booking purposes. then our software can handle the booking part of it with ease.

Promote Through SMS/Emails

There comes a time when you throw some good deals to attract guests such as by offering good discounts etc. Our software can help you in this.

Daily Sales SMS Notifications

Every Midnight You get the SMS notifications of the over all sales and current room status of your hotel so that you get informed even if you have not checked the software.

Android Application

We have designed android application for you so that you can easily access your hotel software from your mobile phone also and track what's going on into your hotel.

All Printers Supported

Printer type is not an issue for our software all the billing and printing tasks are well optimized to support any kind of printer you wanna use.

Lifetime Free Updates

Once you own the software you don't have to pay any extra in order to receive the software updates. It automatcially gets updated time to time.

No Special Training Required

Here comes the best part that software is so handy that it does not require any long training or tutorials to be followed. Anyone can operate the software comfortably