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FeaturesThe features of HotelERP

Easy Booking Engine

Booking module is designed in such a way that anyone can book the rooms within matter of seconds without any special training.

Occupancy Charts

Our Solution lets you print day to day occupancy charts, This helps you tracking the occupied rooms with all the necessary details.

Police Reports

Submission of police reports is compulsory and we have taken care of it hence you can print the daily Police Reports in the same format as prescribed (Format 04).

Quick Billing

Generating the bills was never too easy because of many calculations involved in it like ST , LT etc. We have made the billing so simple and automated.


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By Providing Maximum Possible Features In One Software At Best Rates In The Industry

HotelERP is the cloud based ERP which helps hoteliers to manage the overall process of their hotels and restaurant altogather. This is one stop solution for all Hotel Needs.

Well ! Everyone now-a-days claims they are best, But to actually prove it you need to provide something extraordinary which solve the existing problems of hotels. HotelERP definitely solves all the problems at much affordable Rates

We have kept the licensing process very transparent and easy to handle. Once you own the Software (Any Package Standard or Compact) , you get full access the features described for 1 whole year and that to round the clock. After that you can easily renew your license with your panel only at just 15000/- .

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